Production - Technology and a highly qualified team

Finex production. Precision bespoke white Oak flooring and joinery.

The Finex production facilities have modern equipment from leading European manufacturers (Secea dry Kilns, Weinig Profimat, ASD-Tekhnika, Gabbiani moulder, Ledinek Rotoles Calibrator, Orma Hydraulic Cold Press, Boere sanders, Marinus Powermax trimming / profiler double-end tenoner, Friulmac Randomat, Wintersteiger DSG, Static Tile, Camam SRL Technology, CNC SKIL etc.). Our Finishing line is comprised of the latest equipment from Houfek, Cefla, Viet, SCM and Superfici under the advice of MAPO Group (Belgium), a leader in the European market for parquet board coating services and strategic partner to Finex.

As a member of the American National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), Finex meets and exceeds the product standards set and approved by these organizations.

Benefits of Finex are bespoke production, combination of artisan skills and Technologies and managements dedication to excellence.

All floors and joinery products are created from the highest quality White oak timber. All of our timber is harvested from the region of South Western Russia and Eastern Europe.

Finex has achieved the highest standards in Kiln Drying techniques among Russian flooring manufacturers, which is a critical contributing factor to the stability and success of their products. The tolerances for humidity and residual internal stresses of Finex’s Kiln Dried flooring and joinery products are twice as tight as those of the German standard DIN 280 (one of the most stringent standards in the world).

The milling of Finex lumber into flooring and joinery products is carried out by a particular combination of state of the art machinery and bespoke craftsmanship. The quality of processing, as well as the unique profile of the Finex board guarantee the absence of gaps and unwanted texture in the floor after instalation.

Most of the technologies by which Finex floor coverings are made are copyrighted by the company, some of which are awarded patents, so it is impossible to find the exact product substitute or like alternative from other manufacturers.

In the manufacturing of boards, the company "Finex" uses both age proven hand crafted skills of the artisan (sanding, plaining, scraping, brushing, grinding, polishing), with the most up to date technologies of the most modern prefinished equipment from leading European manufacturers.

- In the manufacturing of boards, staining, enzyme and smoking technologies are widely used, where the color penetrates deep into the grain of the wood and does not appear to be a simple tinted coat.

- Smoking technology makes it possible to stably receive three levels of color saturation - “Light Smoke”, “Smoke” and “Dark Smoke”.

- Coloring wood with natural pigments, in contrast to conventional tinting, provides a stable and penetrating color.

- Finish coats involve layers applied both manually and on an automated UV finishing line, which results in flooring with a hard quality finish with maximum wear resistance. 

The range of protective finish coats that are applied are:

- Oil with hard wax FinexHardwaxOil;

- UV-curing oil FinexDiamondUVOil;

- UV curing varnishes: FinexDiamondUVClassic,, FinexDiamondUVNature.

Finex bespoke floor collections have been developed by our in-house craftsman and artisans in conjunction with technicians of a select team of leading European manufacturers of coatings.

The finishing process can have as many as 23 steps to achieve the specified and unique result.

Modular and artistic flooring components are produced on CNC machines (and not using miter saws, as several other manufacturers do), yielding the precision geometric dimensions required of each part of the modules and ensuring there is absolutely no gaps between the elements.

In the manufacture of Engineered flooring, cold pressing is used, which ensures the highest quality of bonding. Unlike hot pressing there is no presence of deformation or stress after pressing. 

In the production of engineered boards and modular parquet, the new generation of ultra-strong and flexible polyurethane adhesives is used. While this adhesive is significantly more costly than resin-based or PVA-based products, it has the best environmental performance and flexibility. A board glued with such glue can withstand 9 hours in boiling water without visible signs of delamination, which is equivalent to more than 40 years of operation under conditions of changing humidity and temperature!

The unique manufacturing process that Finex employs allows for the production of boards up to 260mm (10”) wide and up to 3m (9’10”) long! 

Finex’s Solid and Engineered flooring is produced in random lengths as has been the tradition in England, France and North America for more than two centuries. 

- AE selection involves a mirror selection of lamellas (the so-called “butterfly” effect) - Globally, there is a limited number of companies with the very specialized machines required to produce and offer wood with such a visual characteristic;

- Csp selection, in which WildWood's patented Finex collection is presented – depicts pronounced relief shrunken knots, cracks and splits giving the products an emphasized natural look.

- BE selection, planks reach a length of 3.6 m and a width of 34.5 cm, so many products can be produced in a seamless way.