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                                                                                   Finex – just touch inspiration

Creating Finex products, we continue the tradition of manufacturing handcrafted bespoke hardwood floors, which to this day are specified and used in the renovation of medieval castles and historically protected structures.

The Finex brand is recognized internationally for its dedication to the accurate reproduction of the authentic design and textures of medieval era architecture.

“With the combination of time honoured handcrafted carpentry and cutting edge technology we are able to bring to life the most daring of ideas with respect to wooden flooring and its related joinery. Finex floors are truly bespoke. Each order is crafted to the specifications of the client and their designer. Having the choice of design with the desired parameters of color, texture, dimensions and pattern each flooring order is made to best meet the unique requirements and fit for your interior. At Finex we consider the floors we make for our clients to be one the key elements of the interior, setting a particular atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding décor.

We create wood products that serve as a source of inspiration for those who touch them. 

Finex Brand

Our techniques of aging and processing the rough wood allow you to create unique diverse textures that capture the grain of the tree, enhancing the beautiful rhythmic growth patterns that Nature herself created. The creation of many types of surface design are a result of unique smoking and staining methods of a bygone age, allowing for a more natural method of changing colours without the use of artificial dyes. The uniqueness of the grain pattern of white oak is enhanced during the smoking and staining process emphasizing the naturalness of the material and is an indispensable attribute of real wood flooring. Manual processing and topcoats with compositions based on natural substances also emphasize the naturalness of the flooring.

Our own research and development team are constantly improving our products through our studies of the specie and the use of state of the art technology. The design and configuration of our products reflects the existing variety of styles, trends and fashion in interior design. To that end each year Finex creates concept products that anticipate tomorrow’s trends.