Advantages of the company






Finex products are manufactured at the Finex company’s own production facility, equipped with the latest European equipment.

The highest quality European oak is used for flooring.

Kiln Drying of wood at Finex is carried out according to the highest standards ensuring stress free products and allows us to guarantee structural integrity up to 25 years

Processing is carried out on specialized Weinig machines (Germany). The quality of processing and the unique profile of Finex floors guarantee that there are no cracks or bumps on the floor after installation.

In the manufacturing of our flooring, staining and smoking technologies are widely used, allowing colors to penetrate deep into the wood with no rubbing in the process.

The finish coating involves layers applied both manually and on an automated finishing line, which allows us to achieve high quality and maximum wear resistance with all of our floors. The finishes used for our plank flooring are oil with hard wax, produced in Germany, and varnishes, produced in Germany and Sweden. There are as many as 23 steps that can be taken in finishing Finex Floors.

Modular parquet is produced with precision performance CNC routers (not using miter saws, as several other manufacturers do) ensuring ideal module geometry and the absence of gaps between any of the elements.

All of Finex Engineered flooring is manufactured with cold presses which ensures the highest quality of bonding. The wood does not undergo any deformation or stress after pressing which is typically present with those using the hot pressing technique.

In the manufacturing of engineered flooring we choose to use new-generation super-strong and flexible adhesives and while they are several times more expensive than resin-based or PVA-based adhesives, they have the best environmental performance and viability. (A board glued with such an adhesive can withstand 10 hours in boiling water without visible signs of delamination, which is equivalent to more than 40 years of operation in conditions of changing humidity and temperature.)

The creation of Finex Floors is vertically integrated from the forest to the installed floor. 

Design : The object of the design application can be the board itself, individual modules or the floor as a whole.

Board production: Sawing, Kiln drying, gluing lamellas (in the manufacture of engineered boards), moulding of unique designs, mechanical surface treatment (smoking, staining), manual surface treatment (wood coloring with natural pigments) and industrial application of the finish coating.

Parquet work: installation of floors, service and maintenance (available - all related products for laying and maintenance: self-tapping screws, glue, plywood, sealant, cleaning and restoration products).

By managing the entire production cycle we can control and accurately project the delivery time as well the quality of each installed floor.

We produce boards, modular parquet and art floors of various designs, so you can choose the best option for your residential or commercial application.

With the blend of Artisan craftsmanship and the efficiency of precision technology Finex can offer products that are 1.5–2.5 times more cost effective than European counterparts. There no other manufacturers in Russia that produce products of similar bespoke quality.

Choosing Finex, you choose a leader in the design of natural wood flooring

Huge selection of colors and textured boards.

Diverse range of dimensions in boards.

Various effects for the natural aging of the wood are achieved with the help of manual processing technologies (plaining, sanding, scraping, brushing, etc.)

Various sizes and configurations of modules

Floor coverings that reflect the most current trends in interior design

Finex products are manufactured at the Finex company’s own production facility, equipped with the latest European equipment.