Certificates & Patents

Most Recent News! We are proud to announce that our company has successfully passed the FSC audit, so we can now offer you our products with FSC 100% Certification. Obtaining the FSC 100% Certification is a big leap forward in assuring our resources and products meet the highest standard of forest management and environmental sustainability. This allows our respected Architects and Designers to now include Finex as a trustful source for LEED PLATINUM specific projects. 

1. Finex and ArteTech trademark certificate.

Finex and Arte Tech trademark certificates legally protect our brands from other companies using these logos and names.

The name of the engineered board Arte Tech connotates the fact that our assembly technology is a 2-layer flooring “oak + plywood” which allows us to produce high-tech art floors.

All Arte Tech elements that are manufactured in our production facility have 100% stability, i.e. they don’t lose their shape, they assemble quickly at time of installation and without any modifications or problems.

This technology allows you to do what is not possible when installing solid wood floors, which must be further modified at time of installation. In addition it is impossible to assemble artistic elements from a 3-layer engineered board. Arte Tech technology allows the you to make a module in engineered construction with limitless shapes and effortless installation.

The Arte Tech design is suitable for use in high or low humidity conditions. (above or below grade)

2. Patents: WildWood and ArteTech Parquet Modules

WildWood is a patented technology for the production of the top layer with developed fibers, embossed texture, emphasized by convex or recessed (shrunken) knots and traces from original sawmilling. The WildWood board has an aged look with a voluminous, expressive, rough, but extremely attractive surface.

In Russia today there are no reasonable facsimiles or similar alternate products and other manufacturers do not have the right to produce a board using this technology.

Finex has the priority right to use this patented technology throughout Europe.

The patent for the ArteTech parquet module gives us the exclusive right to use the unique technology for assembling the base and the parquet module itself.

3. Fire safety certificate for FINEX and ArteTech

Our Finex and Arte Tech products with a thickness of 12 to 20 mm have been tested to all necessary GOST fire safety standards and have received corresponding high ratings, including the KM3 fire hazard class.

We voluntarily submitted our products for fire safety tests and having passed received a certificate of conformity with technical specifications. This test report is described in 10 pages. The reports of most competitors who have tested their products for fire safety are only 1-2 pages and in some cases even indicate that the products are not subject to mandatory certification of compliance with fire safety.

Our products are exported to other countries, so the parameters meet or exceed European, Russian and American fire safety requirements.

4. European Declaration of Conformity and test certificate for underfloor heating

The European Certificate of Conformity for quality in several respects was obtained in Dresden (Germany).

Fire reaction:

critical heat flux
smoke production
Formaldehyde emission class E1
Pentachlorophenol compound (PCP) PCP < 5 x 10 (-6n degree)
Anti-slip properties USRV 45, USRV 35, USRV 42
Thermal conductivity 0.13 W/(m*K)

An accredited laboratory by Entwicklungs-und Prüflabor für Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH), on our initiative, was instructed by FINEX to determine the resistance to floor heating in accordance with European standards.

Two coatings treated with UV oil / varnish passed the tests:

- Engineering board ARTE TECH 15,5 / 4;

- Modular parquet ARTE TECH 15,5 / 4.

The coatings were tested for two weeks in a special chamber with different humidity parameters (20%, 85%, 50%) at a floor temperature of +25 degrees.

As a result, when installing on warm floors, there was a complete absence of deformation at a humidity of 85%, and only at a humidity of 20%, after some time, cracking appeared.

The main conclusions of this test report:

Our board and ArteTech module could be installed on some heated floors while maintaining humidity of 50-85%, but since our company cannot guarantee the maintenance of the appropriate humidity, Finex does not warrant the installation of parquet boards / ArteTech modules over underfloor heating.